Another DD hobby review…. Nov 2016

Help. I ran out of idea….

That’s TL;DR for this entire post if you don’t want to read. I’m gonna rant here a bit. I can’t talk much on my twitter or flickr anyway… Forgive my bad grammar, I don’t feel like to check it.

So….I’m in this hobby again for three years starting from late
This was my start, I bought four imas DD all at once (Chihaya, Haruka, Yukiho, Miki) because imas…… I didn’t expect anyone to know me apart from few that still posting photo in flickr. Knowing many friend from Twitter so Twitter became my main place I do post photos regularly since then.

was more like a year of experiment. I try to use Chihaya head as a main doll to create character as I find it looks ok. I have so many touhou outfits I had before I quit DD. So I could retake those shots with many outfit. And I could do photoshop experiment, mixing outfit without damaging my wallet at all. I always use my lcd monitor as backdrop because it’s oriented vertically at all time linked to my Macbook. It’s also a year that I start to meet up with friend abroad, although my language skill is good to nothing. It is great to know new friend and actually hangout with them. Realise how important the community is. Travel to Japan 3 times, wow. Mostly meet-up only no outdoor photo, but it’s fun.

I got dedicated PC for gaming and new desk! Since then, my monitor has another job and rarely use for DD photo again, because I need to move keyboard and mouse away before I could take a photo… But that is not yet a problem because I have more chance to take more photo outside. Went to Japan 4 times. Switzerland and Hongkong….. too many photo taken. I could say this year was the best year ever.

is harsh year for me because if several missteps. However It’s most successful year so far and the most painful year at the same time. This year I didn’t travel much like last year because of money and health issue, so no outdoor photo. Now I start to run out of idea. Not to mention my lack of fashion sense. I usually check my last year photo of the same month, see if I could improve and try better composition or outfits. But since I didn’t travel, I don’t have many things to compare. All photos ended up shooting on my desk and become super repetitive. (Sorry) It’s been three years that I shoot doll photo in less than 2 square feet space on my desk. Occasionally add more prop and flower, but I guess it didn’t help much? It’s a sad year that I can’t see myself improves my photo taking skill:/

Let’s talk about what I feel about my current state of this hobby while neglecting others comment/feedback.

Changing wig/dress/eye – Hmmm, I feel like if I do this often it will damage the doll. So I would avoid touching the doll too many times….
Actually taking photo – This is what I really enjoy doing, but photo keep looking the same when I imported into computer. ugh.
Processing – Always tedious
Posting photo – u know, I always see my lazy photo more successful than a photo that I put much effort and time on it. This make me sad:/

This year alone I sold 10 DDs. This number seems a lot but I never take photos of them for years anyway. So I have no choice but let them go…. I try to keep number low, so I could focus on my main DDs more… Less permutation, less headache.

How about next year?

Should I buy more doll?
Probably not.

Should I add more outfit into collection so I could come up with something new?
Not really going to help much. Changing wig would help but I ran out of new Imas CG character to make. Oh, I want to keep my focus to MDD too.

Should I travel more and take more outdoor photo?
I still not ready to bring any of my custom DD outdoor. So I have dedicated Chihaya just for outdoor photo. But outfit is the problem…. My indoor outfit collection are not really suitable for outdoor…

Should I hangout with doll owner friends more often to get more idea?
This is a sad part, many people around me starts to lose interest in a hobby. Many quit. Many take less photo.

Should I just take a break?
I see my doll owners friend keep improving their photo quality. If I stop, they will still walking forward. And I’m not a type of person who could stand still….

Or I just stress myself too much?

Or there is not much time left?