4rd Quartar Random rant?

Just to have something to write…. My last post was around two months ago which is perfect.

My mid year was full-time coding. It’s time to relax right? no…

TL;DR. A month of Pokémon GO, then another month to take care of my sick dog. But he passed away yesterday.

Let’s talk about Pokémon GO.

I heard about the game since USA release but I didn’t care about it at all because I stopped playing Pokémon since last GBA release. Pokémon Emerald was my last game.

Anyway, Pokémon GO just released in Thailand early August. So I give it a try cuz they featured first 151 Pokémon in the series (Although those legendaries are unobtainable at this time)

I know each one of their name and abilities thanks to my childhood.

This game literally force me to go out of my room so I could play this game while I need to do something else. My life is less boring since the game launch, which is good. Only things that annoy me is there are some people botting or GPS spoofing that ruined the gym battle experience…


So far I’m barely reached lv30 after two full months of gameplay. I expect I can begin catching those regional exclusive Pokémon once I resume my trip spree again.

I have to go to hospital few times cuz I got sick, no serious deal. But it isn’t cheap.

Since September my life changed cuz one of my dogs got badly sick and had to admitted in Dog hospital.

Problem is that dog isn’t in Bangkok with me but in Chiang Mai, my family hires someone to take care of the dogs. My house in Bangkok is way too small to pet 8 large dogs.


So my mission was to go to Chiang Mai and bring the dog back to Bangkok for further treatment. This dog was already in near death condition the day we reached Chiang Mai, but after its first blood transfusion it recovers a lot but not so long so it must undergo the second one. But few day later worst thing happened…

This give me a bit of mixed feeling cuz I recently posted one of my best doll photo in 2016 then few hours it happened. Still feeling quite confused. Yeah, upset too. I find it no use to rant on my other social media to I just wanna say it here.

Back to dolls stuff.

I’m not really enjoy my photo recently, just like my earlier rants…. adding busy stuffs that happens to me. It makes thing worst.

No outdoor photo even in Chiang Mai cuz I have zero day to prepare anything and not in mood to bring anything along but my laptop. So no outdoor photo.

Just sold my Sasara and few non custom DD. My plan is to sell every default DD except Chihaya and Yukiho.

For those who ask why no Nontan photo recently. Well, just like where her original series is going to. That explains it. But don’t worry, she is probably staying here forever. Just no photo.

I think it’s time for me to focus on life saving too (not sure if already too late). At this late I might feel fine, only when I’m not sick.

Anyway, that’s all for this post.

Here is Snorlax photo.