Last post of 2016.

2016 Year in review?

No DD hobby related in this post then. And I want to keep the post very short because I don’t have much time if I want to finish this post before 2017…

  • This year feels like a year that I have to pay back what I have one during 2015…. Too much Yolo trip (4 times to Japan)
  • No office work this year. So I really have chance to focus on my coding work. Which turns out pretty ok.
  • Flew to Japan once only while I’m supposed to fly at least twice. (If I don’t plan to fly for doll related event, which is none anyway)
  • Failed to get ticket for Final Love Live, all money spent wasted (80000yen just for BD alone :/). But at least I could watch Live viewing but experience is totally unmatched to the real thing in Japan. This also marks the end of my following of this series. I should change this blog banner soon :/
  • Flying for CG4th was ok. But nothing as impressive as yolo CG3rd trip. First time experience is always the best I guess….
  • But I do bought so many physical item this year (To compensate shitty gacha luck). There’s more but I don’t want to list it publicly.
    • New MacBook SSD <- Still broken, but I still could run the OS via External drive.
    • HTC Vive <- VR!
    • Chord Hugo <- I always need a decent dac/amp for my HD800. This is the best I could afford for now…
    • GTX 1080 <- Need to sell my 980
    • Logitech G27 <- impulse buying
    • XiaoMi 5s Plus <- For android coding

That’s about it.

Next year I will focus on more traveling…. also aiming for more variety on doll photos.

Happy new year everyone!