Almost April

Oh, wow I just notice that my earlier post was exactly 4 months ago. That’s mean this is my first ever post in 2017. So long haha.

2017 so far was a bit rough, I decided to halve my monthly spending and use money for saving instead. Life is much harder with tight budget. I just came back from Norway and it was one of the best trip in my life. Now I had set up clear goal where would I want to go next. And will not going to Japan over and over again unless it’s necessary. My legit reason to go to Japan is to attend concert only… I would prefer to travel elsewhere now. I know Japan is very easy to go but if adds up my expenditure I could already go to anywhere else further. I want to go to Iceland or Russia someday 🙂


Nothing much to update in doll hobby, collection still exactly the same as last year. To keep everything under budget (life saving is currently my top priority) I would try my best to not increase in number. I would happy to add one or two more DD per year, but only if I could let some of them go. Community wise, I try to be much more open to the locals and keeping myself low. Let me rant a bit, going to big doll event is very hard for non-Japanese resident. Flight plus accommodation could add up and already buy a doll :/ For same amount of money, I would try to focus to take more photo oversea (non japan) if possible.

Talking about outfit, it’s kinda funny that many of online dealers don’t update their collection as they used to anymore. There’s no new character in mind outside Idolmaster Cinderella girls series I want to make so I probably not randomly buying new wig now also.


I decided to stop my large format DSLR spending here. Sorry Nikon. I decided to keep investing on my Sony A7. I already got A7R two years ago and I just bought 28mm lens for my Norway trip. It’s one of the best lens money can buy. 28mm is exactly the same focal length as iPhone camera lens. So at least I could pre-aim with it and shoot with my A7R later.

My next goal is to get 85mm lens. I’m spending hard time deciding between the best 85mm 1.4 GM which is still softer than Sigma Art lens, or the most budget friendly FE 85mm 1.8. Might as well as getting new camera body but no rush anyway. I earn zero income for my photography, I’m not quite sure if I should continue now. I think I already spent too much on this.

I would really want to make collapsible backdrop with prop for doll photography. My desk is very limited to certain poses and it already get very extremely boring. Maybe I will go look around soon, probably sometimes next week.

I think that is about it for now 😦

Anyway, one fjord photo. Taken at from gas station 🙂